Call Me Cards to reduce impaired driving by always havng a contact readyto driveyou home.

Most people drive impaired due to making a bad choice. Choices are usually based on the options that are available.


When your friend or loved one set out for the evening, they probably did not intend to have too many drinks. But they were having a good time and found that when the time came to leave, they should not be driving. Later in the evening, buses don't run and sometimes cabs aren't available. Stuck there with their vehicle, they make what they see as the only choice available to them. It is often a bad choice.


Wouldn't you like someone you care about to have another option when faced with a dilemma like this. Chances are they would not call you and intrude, especially if it is later at night. But if you have given them a card to carry in their wallet saying Call Me, they might make a better choice.

Call Me Cards are available at Greater Sudbury Police Service

Tom Davies Square- 190 Brady Street, Sudbury


The Lionel E. Lalonde Centre - 239 Montee Principale,  Azilda